Fantasy and Sci-fi links

NOTE: I try to update these links monthly, because they are time-sensitive. Watch this space for an ever-evolving list!

Want to try out some new fantasy and sci-fi? Explore these links–some for giveaways and some for discounted books.

Along with many others, these first two include Blackbird Rising, the starter novel in my Harbingers fantasy series:

The next two include Dark Ones Take It, a stand-alone fantasy novel set in the world of my Stormclouds/Harbingers fantasy series–and a dark read it is, too:

A final giveaway includes (with many other choices), The Nightingale Holds Up the Sky, my novel in the Betwixt&Between series set in the fantasy world of the Stormclouds/Harbingers series:

Now you can watch the book trailers for my own books on my YouTube channel, Shrike Fantasy. When you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe!

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