Blackbird Rising available on Amazon

My fantasy novel, Blackbird Rising, is now available in paperback and for Kindle (and other ways to read a Kindle book, such as on an ipad). Click this link to find it or go to or the Kindle Store:

The link above is for the Kindle edition; the print edition may be further down the search list. Find the print edition for promotional pricing, or read it free on Kindle if you participate in the Kindle Unlimited program.

The novel is the first of a four-book series called Harbingers. I’ve also written a prequel.  Because several of the novels are about musicians and the music they play, you can also visit my web site,, to find a play list. It’s hard to hear the music played inside a book! You can also go to my Pinterest board, janemcfw, to see some of the places and things the characters might have used, worn, visited, eaten.

The novels are:

Book 1: Blackbird Rising, the story of a young girl, Mirin, whose family has been slaughtered. As she looks for her lost sister, she is enlisted into the service of a mysterious organization, the Rising.  They need her skills as a minstrel to pass messages for them, so they apprentice her to one of their members, who seems to be a traveling performer but is actually a spy for the organization. As she grows older, she discovers that the Rising is actually a group of resisters against the usurper king of the realm, committed to his overthrow.

Torn between finding her lost sister and bringing a dispossessed young queen to her throne, Mirin needs all the gifts the gods have given her—her music and also the mysterious connection she has with the blackbirds that symbolize the Rising. But at the end of her journey, will the man who forced her into the Rising be there to help her, or has he become her bitterest enemy?

If you read it, please, please, please review it on Amazon.

Book 2: Halcyon (available on Amazon in 2019; sample chapter at the end of Book 1), follows Mirin as she attempts to rescue her stolen daughter and find the man who has come to mean more to her than anyone in the world.

Book 3, Firebird (coming soon) follows Mirin’s daughter Keera as she sets out to use her arcane powers to avenge her parents.

Book 4, Ghost Bird (coming soon) follows Keera and Laorans to the Unknown Lands, a new life, and the end of her family’s saga.

Prequel: The Call of the Shrike (coming soon) tells how the saga began. Treachery! Murder! Music! Vampires! (just not the kind with pointy teeth)

Update note: these novels have all been published now, as well as four others, for a total of nine, three in the dark fantasy prequel series, Stormclouds (A Gyrfalcon for a King, The Call of the Shrike, Stormbird), four in the YA/NA Harbingers series (Blackbird Rising, Halcyon, Firebird, Ghost Bird), and two in the companion series, Betwixt & Between (The Martlet is a Wanderer, The Nightingale Holds Up the Sky). A more recent post gives all the details, plus new cover art!




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