It’s Paperhand Puppet Intervention Season, hurray!

The Paperhand Puppet Intervention,, an environmental organization in the form of an amazing puppet show, has just finished its 2012 performances at Chapel Hill, NC’s charming outdoor Forest Theater. Now it’s moving its operations to the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC ( for a final weekend. If you are anywhere in the NC Triangle/Triad area or can get there, this puppet pageant is a can’t miss experience. This year’s pageant, “City of Frogs,” is a kind of Pinocchio-Meets-Barbapapa (GASP! You don’t know about Barbapapa? tale featuring stiltwalkers, dancers, giant puppets, innovative sets, and beautiful art, all to further the organization’s mission. On the Paperhand web site, its artists state: “Our vision is inspired by our love for the earth and its creatures  (including humans) as well as our belief in justice, equality, and peace.”

When the giant puppet representing the spirit of the River winds through the crowd at the end of the show, people of all ages ooo and ahh and cheer. What a feel-good experience!

The spirit of the River winds through the crowd at the Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s 2012 puppet pageant, “City of Frogs”

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