Hello, fantasy lovers!

Wood engraving (recolored) first published in Camille Flammarion’s 19th century treatise on meterology. The engraving shows a supposedly medieval sense of wonder about the universe.

I started this blog because I am fascinated by fictions of all sorts. I’m especially fascinated by speculative literary fiction, a broad category that might include science fiction, fantasy, utopian/dystopian tales, and similar written-down stuff. But really, to restrict fiction to literary stuff is to narrow it and tie it down. The category “fiction” includes so much more than that! See the ABOUT page for some definitions. I define “fictions” broadly. After all, the word literally means, “something that is made.” Something that is made up. Something that humans do to answer the question, “What If?” The category “fiction” therefore includes, as far as I am concerned, not only literary stuff but the stuff of the visual arts, of music, of dance, of anything and everything human beings can imagine.

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