Fantasy and Sci-fi links

NOTE: I try to update these links monthly, because they are time-sensitive. Watch this space for an ever-evolving list!

Want to try out some new fantasy and sci-fi? Explore these links–some for giveaways and one leading you to the new series reading experience on Kindle Vella:

Five of my own books are featured in the links: Blackbird Rising and Halcyon, the first two novels in my Harbingers fantasy series, Firebird, the third in the series (which can be read with Book IV as a stand-alone smaller series), A Gyrfalcon for a King, which begins the Stormclouds prequel series, and Dark Ones Take It, a stand-alone novel giving the origin story of the villain of the Stormclouds/Harbingers fantasy world.

Using the links below, you’ll also find Witchmoon, a YA novella posted episode by episode on Vella, alongside other interesting Vella finds.


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