My 9-book fantasy series is finished!

The nine books actually comprise three interlocking series: a dark fantasy prequel series (Stormclouds), a series that is more YA/NA (Harbingers), and the companion series Betwixt & Between.

The sweep of the nine novels in both main series and the Betwixt & Between novels begins with the sighting of the comet of 976 (A Gyrfalcon for a King). Except that it was recorded in the British Isles, we know almost nothing about this hyperbolic comet designated by astronomers as x976.

The saga ends with the famous sighting of Halley’s Comet in 1066 (Ghost Bird). Halley’s is one of the most-studied and closely observed comets in human history; its appearance in 1066 over the British Isles seemed to the people of that day to presage the regime change ushered in by the Norman Conquest, and it was observed in the Americas, too. My comets somehow appear in the skies over the fantasy-verse as well as in real-life history!


These novels are works of fiction and fantasy, but some include graphic violence and some reflect harsh realities about sexual abuse. Please take care of yourself if such references cause you distress.

The books in the three interlocking series:

Stormclouds: dark fantasy about a dark world of treachery and rebellion.
Book I, A Gyrfalcon for a King

Find it at







Book II, The Call of the Shrike

Find it at







Book III, Stormbird

Find it at







Harbingers: fantasy with a young adult/new adult flavor.

Book I, Blackbird Rising

Find it on







Book II, Halcyon

Find it on







Book III, Firebird

Find it on







Book IV, Ghost Bird

Find it on







Betwixt & Between: companions to the Stormclouds/Harbingers novels. There are realms and situations underneath the Spheres that don’t fit into the world of men and women. They exist in some ghostly place betwixt and between.

Book I, The Martlet is a Wanderer

Find it on







Book II, The Nightingale Holds Up the Sky

Find it on







These books are all available in print or for Kindle and Kindle-enabled devices and apps through For more information about the series, and for a playlist that includes many of the songs the characters play and sing, go to my author web site, (ugh, right now it is under construction and not in the best shape–but if you click on the link that says “playlist,” you’ll find the songs).

To see the way people, places, and things may have looked in the Stormclouds and Harbingers worlds, go to my nine Pinterest boards, one for each novel:

for the Stormclouds series

Medieval Life—Gyrfalcon

Medieval Life—Shrike

Medieval Life—Stormbird

for the Harbingers series

Medieval Life—10th Century (about Blackbird Rising)

Medieval Life—Halcyon

Medieval Life—Firebird

Medieval Life—Ghost Bird

for the Betwixt & Between companion series

Medieval Life—Martlet

Medieval Life—Nightingale

Then I shamelessly promote all nine on my “Books Worth Reading” board.

As always, I welcome reviews posted on,, and other web sites for book lovers, and on my author web site (better to make comments on this blog for now, until I can get my author web site working again).

4 thoughts on “My 9-book fantasy series is finished!

  1. Congratulations! And I thought finishing my fourth book was a big deal. I will be lucky to finish the six books I had planned. Guess I must read your offerings now – although I doubt I will understand much of the material.

    1. Hey, Ed–you don’t need to read them if fantasy is not your thing! The technique in the book you sent me was so interesting–the dialogue presented as if it were a play.

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