Trekkies! Relive those glory days.

I hope you’ve all noticed the mini-Trek episode that Google has created for its newest interactive logo.

If you are yearning for just one more classic Star Trek episode, go to and:

  1. Mouse around the logo, clicking on anything clickable.
  2. CLICK IT!
  3. Eventually you will be taken to the next screen.
  4. Rinse. Repeat.
  5. Enjoy your Star Trek episode, complete with a “Beam me up, Scottie!” moment, an attackable monster on an alien planet, and a surprise ending.

But let’s say you miss it. Let’s say you don’t get to Google until after they replace it with yet another cool logo. Do not be sad. Go to There you will find a vast treasure horde of all of Google’s greatest hits, including (I’m assuming) this one.

May the Force be with you! Oh. . .wait. . .

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